List of upcoming and past DEEPICE events.

Upcoming events

DEEPICE Training school 2: Statistical and Modelling tools

DEEPICE 2nd training school will focus on statistical and modelling tools used for ice cores analysis.

In particular, the students will attend courses on time-series analysis with application to existing ice core data, as well as introduction to climate modelling dynamics, coupled ocean-atmosphere-ice climate models and ice dynamics processes.

The school will combine theoritical parts and practical parts.

More information on DEEPICE – AWI Summer school

🗓 September              19-23




DEEPICE 2nd annual meeting

DEEPICE 2nd annual meeting will take place on the 3rd of October 2022, after the first day of IPICS3rd Open Science Conference, in Crans-Montana (Switzerland), at the Regent Congress Center.

The annual meeting will start at 6pm for 1.5 hour. It will be possible to attend the meeting both online or in person.

This supervisory board will gather DEEPICE early-stage reasearchers, supervisors & co-supervisors, partner organisations and DEEPICE advisory board.

Registration will close on the 1st of July 2022.

🗓 October 3




DEEPICE at IPICS Conference

IPICS 3rd Open Science Conference will take place from 3-7 October 2022. The theme of the Conference will be “Ice Core Science at the three Poles”.

During this conference, all DEEPICE PhD students will present their research project.

On the 2nd of October, prior to the Conference, ICYS (Ice Core Young Scientists) will organise a workshop entitled “Communicate your Science”. The workshop will feature keynote talks and interactive panel sessions where early career researchers can engage with senior scientists, media and journal representatives. The focus will be on publishing science in journals and on communicating science to a broader audience.

IPICS website

🗓 October 2-7




Past events

DEEPICE Kick-off meeting

DEEPICE Kick-off meeting will gather for the first DEEPICE early stage researchers (ESRs) and the scientists involved in the project.

The first day will be dedicated to presentations of DEEPICE activities and ESRs PhD projects, as well as networking.

The second day will be dedicated to training activities (course on data management and conference on ethical aspects of field missions in Antarctica).

🗓 October 14-15





DEEPICE 1st annual meeting & Mid Term meeting

DEEPICE 1st annual meeting will take place on March, 17th 2022. Annual meetings enable DEEPICE participants to discuss the progress of the project and to interact with each other. They are also a platform for exchanges with the non-academic partners.

DEEPICE Mid Term meeting will be organised on March, 18th 2022. This meeting consists in a constructive dialogue between the network participants and the REA (Research Exective Agency) Project Officer. The scope of the meeting is to assess the fulfilment of all DEEPICE project’s aspects (scientific, training, management, networking, etc.).

🗓 March 17-18





DEEPICE Training school 1: Instrumental techniques and ice-core data acquisition

DEEPICE 1st training school will be focusing on instrumental techniques and ice-core data acquisition.The training school will be organised in 2 parts.

During the first part of the training school, DEEPICE ESRs will participate to the annual ICAT training school (Ice Core Analysis Techniques) which will take place at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. It will offer the participants a detailed introduction to the variety of climate and geophysical information that can be obtained from ice cores.

The second part will be organised by DEEPICE scientists and will take place at Finse Alpine Research Center in Norway. It will aim at giving early stage researchers a a background for how to plan and execute field work related to snow and ice core research, as well as an introduction to instrumental measures through practical demonstration.

ICAT training school and DEEPICE – Finse training school are open to external students.

More information about ICAT

More information about DEEPICE – Finse training school

🗓 March 14-26



    Denmark &

    Finse, Norway