DEEPICE PhD projects

DEEPICE project, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Innovative Training Network) funds 15 PhD positions to be started between July and October 2021 for a period of 36 months.

WP1 – Technical innovation for deep ice core analysis

ESR 1: Geochemical characterization of single dust particles in ice core

Supervisors: H. Fischer (Univ. Bern, CH), B. Delmonte (Univ. Milano Bicocca, IT)


ESR 2: Thermo-desorption PTR-MS for measuring organic compounds in deep ice

Supervisors: R. Holzinger (Univ. Utrecht, NL), M. Hutterli (TOFWERK, CH)


ESR 3: Laser Ablation for water isotopic analysis with particular focus in spectral estimation for diffusion studies

Supervisors: V. Gkinis (Univ. Copenhagen DK), C. Barbante (Univ. Venice IT)


ESR 4: Improvements and application of the laser techniques LA-ICP-MS for high resolution non-destructive elemental analyses on ice cores

Supervisors: P. Bohleber (Univ. Venice, IT), R. Rhodes (UKRI-BAS, UK)


ESR 5: Developing an instrument to make continuous observations of the crystal size on a 1m polished surface of an ice core

Supervisors: D. Dahl-Jensen (Univ. Copenhagen, DK), André Lamott (Schäfter & Kirchhoff GmbH, D)

WP2 – Quantification of processes responsible for creation and alteration of the climate signal in the ice core

ESR 6: Quantification and correction of “in situ” production of N2O in ice cores

Supervisors: H. Fischer (Univ. of Bern, CH), T. Roeckmann (Univ.  Utrecht, NL)


ESR7: Stratigraphy, impurity and crystal preferred orientation impact on inhomogeneous deformation to locate disturbed basal ice 

Supervisors: I. Weikusat (AWI, D), M. R. Drury (Univ. Utrecht, NL)


ESR8: 36Cl in Antarctic ice cores – developing a key dating tool and climate proxy 

Supervisors: R. Muscheler (Univ. Lund, SW), E. Wolff (UKRI-BAS, UK)


ESR 9: Retrieval of the oldest paleoclimatic signal in basal ice, insights from a large-scale multi-parametric study?

Supervisors: F. Fripiat (Univ. Bruxelles, B), T. Roeckmann (Univ. Utrecht, NL)


ESR 10: Interpretation of the water isotope climate signal on the East Antarctic plateau through continuous measurements of isotopic composition of water vapour, precipitation, surface snow and subsurface snow

Supervisors: H.C. Steen-Larsen (Univ. Bergen, NW), B. Stenni (Univ. Venice, IT)


ESR 11: Evolution of snow and air circulating in snow beyond the surface of Antarctic ice sheet 

Supervisors: A. Landais (CNRS-LSCE, FR), P. Martinerie (CNRS-IGE, FR)

WP3 – Modelling & statistics – a framework for ice core interpretations 

ESR 12: Estimating and accounting for diffusion in deep ice using advanced statistical methods

Supervisors: T. Laepple (AWI, D), V. Gkinis (Univ. Copenhagen, DK)

ESR 13: Coupled atmosphere-ocean modelling:  Interpreting Antarctic deep ice 

Supervisors: L. Sime (UKRI-BAS, UK), E. Capron (CNRS-IGE, FR)


ESR 14: Combining an ice flow model with radar observations in the Dome C area, Antarctica

Supervisors: F. Parrenin (CNRS-IGE, FR), O. Eisen (AWI, D)


ESR 15: Investigating the MPT from an Earth System perspective

Supervisors: K. Nisancioglu (Univ. Bergen), R. van de Wal (Univ. Utrecht)