About DEEPICE project

A collaborative European network

DEEPICE is an innovative training network for a new generation of 15 early-stage researchers in instrumentation, ice core analysis, statistic tools and glaciological and climatic modelling.

It features 10 research organisations and universities as well as 11 partner organisations from 11 different countries (more information about the participants).

This EU-funded project started on the 1st of January 2021 and will last until the 31st of December 2024.

Main scientific objectives

Exciting challenges lie ahead of the European ice core community! A new continuous deep ice core will be soon drilled down to the bedrock in East Antarctica (more information about the European project Beyond EPICA Oldest Ice Core) and will recover potentially 1.5 million of years (Ma).

The goal of DEEPICE project is to build a training program benefiting from the momentum created by the Beyond EPICA – Oldest Ice (BEOI) drilling project and its societal impact. DEEPICE will be complementary to BEOI project through its program of basic and applied science questions (more information on the research program). 

In conclusion, through its research program, DEEPICE project will develop the needed tools of the analysis of the Beyond EPICA Oldest Ice which extraction will be finished in 2025. It will also train and prepare a new generation of scientists for the interpretation of these unique records.

A high level educational and training program

The study of climate change is a complex scientific subject as well as a long-term challenge for society.

DEEPICE will provide a full educational program (more information on the training program) including a robust scientific understanding of climate processes and technical skills (statistics, specific instrumentation, climate modelling), transferable skills as well as a unique experience in the synthesis and communication of updated data on climate change.

Besides, the early-stage researchers taking part in the project will develop extended skill-set now required for academic and non-academic careers, through the unique links with many non-academic partners.

At the end of the project, the early-stage researchers will have career perspectives both in the academic and the non-academic sectors.


DEEPICE Factsheet

Looking for key information about DEEPICE? Download DEEPICE Factsheet.

Download DEEPICE Factsheet.



DEEPICE project explained in a 7mn-video, featuring interviews with the project participants.

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