EGU2024 Call for abstracts is now open.

Several DEEPICE members, including supervisors and 2 early stage researchers, will convene a session on the “State-of-the-art in ice core sciences” (session CL1.2.4), in the context of the new challenges ahead, including the retrieval of old, highly thinned ice, interpretation of altered chemical signals, and the integration of chemical proxies into earth system models.

The session will be devoted to all aspects of ice core science and technology, including drilling and processing, dating, analytical techniques, results and interpretations of ice core records from polar ice sheets and mid- and low-latitude glaciers, remote and autonomous methods of surveying ice stratigraphy, proxy system modelling and related earth system modelling.

We invite all researchers from the ice core community attending EGU2024 to submit an abstract by January 10, 2024. We particularly encourage submissions from early career researchers from across the broad international ice core science community.

More information are available here: