ESR 15 – Investigating the MPT from an earth system perspective

Early stage researcher: Daniel Gunning (Univ. of Bergen)

Supervisors: K. Nisancioglu (Univ. of Bergen), R. van de Wal (Univ. of Utrecht)

Academic secondment: Univ. of Utrecht (NL), CNRS-IGE (FR) ; Non-academic secondment: Centre for Science Education, Univ. of Bergen (NW)


No existing ice core could so far describe the MPT period because they are too young. Marine cores are however old enough to cover this period even if the dating constraints are often limited.

This DEEPICE PhD project will pave the ground for the coming long ice core records by combining available data and model simulations over the last 1.5 Million years. Notably we will aim at studying the expected phasing and linkages of temperature, ice volume and carbon dioxide. To reach this objective, we will apply intermediate complexity as well as an Earth-System models forced inversely with marine records across the MPT. The aim is to provide a consistent picture of the climate system across the MPT with an assessment of the phasing and dynamical linkages between temperature, ice volume and greenhouse gases.

Key words: Climate Modeling, Climate Dynamics, Ice Cores, Marine Cores, Mid-Pleistocene Transition

Scientific results